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  • Concrete Spheres & Planters

  • Concrete Spheres & Planters

  • Concrete Spheres & Planters

  • Concrete Spheres & Planters


  • We have a few items from Solid Art, from our coffee table to our small bowls. We love the attention to detail, and the level of craftsmanship Tim puts into all his creations is first class. We are proud to have his creations in our home and look forward to collecting a few more. 

    Bayley LuuTomes, International Landscape Designer

  • "The Spheres look as though they have always been there. They look great first thing in the morning with the dew glistening on them in the early sunlight....." 

    Graeme & Libby

  • "We have been having so much fun using our Chess Cube. We are all playing (as well as half the kids in the street). It has been used every day and is something my son will have his whole life!" 


  • "Thank you so much Caroline and Tim. The Spheres look fantastic and am sure prospective customers will also think so. They are just lovely thank you very much!" 

    Trish & Max

  • "The Spheres fit perfectly in our garden setting. They are a wonderful focal point. It was a pleasure dealing with Caroline and Tim."

    Lorraine & Tony

  • "We are proud owners of four pieces of work from Solid Art. The beauty and quality is excellent and Caroline and Tim are a pleasure to deal with."

    Robyn & Trevor

  • "We're really happy with our Boulder. It's unique and looks great on our deck. Thanks also for your great service...."

    Carolyn & Pete

  • The 'Mum, Dad & a Kid' Spheres added the long-sought after finishing touch to a high visibility corner. Thanks for the helpful transport arrangements.


  • Our three white spheres are beautifully crafted and provide a refreshing point of focus wherever we put them. The great fun is moving them around as the whim takes us. Tim and Caroline were a pleasure to deal with and we’re sure to be back for more!

    Brigid and Richard

  • Fabulous handmade concrete spheres that greet you when you come to my house! I love them so much I have 5 of them in various sizes & styles!


  • Our Sphere & Planter are looking good in their new home, and thankfully not bothered by the wind. Perfect!