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Concrete artisan Tim Gregory was drawn back to creative work in 2015 establishing Solid Art with partner Caroline Wilson.

Tim has an extensive background in visual arts having spent many years behind the camera filming local and international sporting events. Prior to being behind the lens he spent many years in garden design, experience he puts to good use when working with clients to develop a shared vision for their work.

Self-taught and inspired by Brandon Gore and Buddy Rhodes (known as the “Godfather of concrete” in the U.S.), Tim has always been fascinated by the capability of concrete as a functional material and art piece.

“Being self taught I’ve gone through a long process of trial and error, deliberately avoiding being taught by others as I wanted to set my own boundaries around what I thought does and doesn’t work.”

There is nothing Tim likes more than a challenge to do something new, that is unique and innovative. Using new colours, techniques and styles he has built a range of concrete products to help clients add sculptural appeal to their garden design.

Long term residents of Paekākāriki on the Kapiti Coast, an area well known for its creative and artisan residents, Caroline and Tim run their family business as a team. Caroline using her extensive marketing and sales skills alongside Tim’s creative capabilities to deliver a unique, bespoke and market leading product.

Tim Gregory & Caroline Wilson

Solid Art Limited

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