Product Care

Our products should be treated with some care. If treated well they will outlast the people who made it!


Basic Care Instructions:

The sealer used on our products impregnates and chemically alters concrete to create a hardened crystal-like surface. It has a high resistance to acids and stains such as wine and lemon juice. Please note the sealer is stain resistant and not stain proof. It is designed to give you enough time to clean the surface, however prolonged exposure may stain the concrete. We have tested acids and oils, (including wine, lemon juice, balsalmic vinegar, cooking oil and mustard), over a 12hour period and after wiping with a damp microfibre cloth, there were no residual stains or visible discolourations.

We recommend the following care instructions;

  • Wipe up spills as they occur with a damp microfibre cloth with a 50/50 solution of water and white vinegar

  • Never use a sealed concrete surface as a cutting board

  • Use coasters or felt pads below anything with sharp edges

  • Avoid pots and pans directly from the stove or oven onto the surface

  • Protect the surface from extreme heat, scratches and oil marks by using placemats, runners whenever possible

  • Avoid exposure to paint strippers, bleach and nail polish remover. Rinse immediately with clean water to neutralise the effect, and then follow usual cleaning procedure

  • Avoid exposure to high impact, especially on the edges

  • Avoid excessive weight being placed on your coffee table top, such as people standing on the ends of the tables

Please contact us if you require specific information for cleaning particular surfaces or resealing.



Basic Care Instructions:

The 316 Marine Grade stainless steel wont rust but may show signs of tea staining, this can be easily removed with a Scotchbrite pad if desired.



Basic Care Instructions:

A wipe down with a damp soft cloth is all that you should ever need to clean this steel.
It is not recommended for outdoor use. Do not use abrasive cleaners or cloths.
Should you require any touch up paint due to the powder coating chipping, please contact us. (Refer to Contact Details)



Basic Care Instructions:

Wood used in the outdoor environment will naturally silver off over time. You can simply clean by hosing down with a low pressure hose. To keep its original colouring, apply Danish or linseed oil when required.



Basic Care Instructions:

Coffee Tables Only - If tightening or loosening the nuts on the underside of the concrete table top, it is recommended that an Allen Key be used to hold the bolt firmly in place, while at the same time tightening or loosening the nut. This will prevent the bolt from unscrewing itself from the epoxy, which will weaken the support for the concrete top.

Vanity Only – We recommend using a soap dish or dispenser.