Shell Planters (Concrete Garden Planters)

  • The Shell Planters have a natural 'cracked-egg' like opening. Each one is unique and there is enough space to plant a small shrub.

    They work best in informal garden settings. Grouped together with Spheres in odd numbered sets can be particularly appealing.

    The Shells will add a nice architectural aspect to pool and garden surrounds.  

    For weights and dimensions, click on the Dimensions tab above.

    1. Fine aggregate, fibre reinforced concrete

    Large Shell Planter - Diameter 600mm, weight approx. 36kg.  

    Medium Shell Planter – Diameter 470mm, weight approx. 21kg.

    Small Shell Planter – Diameter 360mm, weight approx. 11kg.

    Product Care
Creamy White

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