Spheres (Concrete Garden Balls)

  • We hand-sculpt all our Spheres to give each of them their own characteristic texture. They look beautiful almost anywhere, and have great 'Sculptural Appeal' in all styles of gardens.

    They are hollow inside, and have a small opening at the base, enabling them to be easily moved and transported. They are made from our ultra strong, fibre reinforced, concrete mix.

    We apply several coats of our special sealant to the concrete balls. The sealant penetrates the surface and reacts with the concrete to offer excellent resistance to stains. It performs very well under New Zealand's harsh UV rays, making the Spheres relatively care-free.

    For weights and dimensions, click on the Dimensions tab above or click here to view our Sizing Chart

    1. Fine aggregate, fibre reinforced concrete

    Large Sphere - Diameter 600mm, opening at bottom of Sphere 210mm, weight approx. 40kg

    Medium Sphere – Diameter 460mm, opening at the bottom of Sphere 180mm, weight approx. 23kg

    Small Sphere – Diameter 360mm, opening at the bottom of Sphere 160mm, weight approx. 13kg

    Very Small Sphere – Diameter 250mm, opening at the bottom of Sphere 100mm, weight approx. 6kg

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