Marbled Spheres & Planters

  • Our Marbled Range offers a great alternative to our standard cream and grey colour finishes.

    If it's the 'Wow' factor your are after, then it's the marbled spheres you want. Unique and stylish, they add a touch of the class to any garden setting.  

    For weights and dimensions, click on the Specifications tab above.

    1. Fine aggregate, fibre reinforced concrete

    Large Sphere - Diameter 600mm, opening at bottom of Sphere 210mm, weight approx. 40kg

    Medium Sphere – Diameter 460mm, opening at the bottom of Sphere 180mm, weight approx. 23kg

    Small Sphere – Diameter 350mm, opening at the bottom of Sphere 160mm, weight approx. 13kg

    Very Small Sphere – Diameter 250mm, opening at the bottom of Sphere 100mm, weight approx. 6kg

    Large Shell Planter - Diameter 600mm, weight approx. 36kg.

    Medium Shell Planter – Diameter 460mm, weight approx. 21kg.

    Small Shell Planter - Diameter 350mm, weight approx. 11kg. 

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