Sphere Planters (Concrete Garden Planters)

  • The Sphere Planters have an urn like appeal. Each one is unique and there is enough space to plant a small shrub.

    They look great in both informal or formal garden settings and can be planted or left unplanted. Grouped together in odd numbered sets can also be particularly appealing.

    The Sphere Planters will add a nice architectural aspect to any garden surrounds.  

    For weights and dimensions, click on the Dimensions tab above.

    1. Fine aggregate, fibre reinforced concrete

    Large Sphere Planter - Diameter 600mm, weight approx. 40kg.  

    Medium Sphere Planter – Diameter 460mm, weight approx. 23kg.

    Small Sphere Planter – Diameter 360mm, weight approx. 13kg.

    Very Small Sphere Planter - Diameter 250mm, weight approx. 6kg.   

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