The Ironbark Bench Seat

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  • This outdoor benchseat is built tough. With its masculine features and resilience to the elements this benchseat will withstand the harshest environment. 

    Made from recycled Ironbark, the timber was yesterdays cross arms from local powerlines. Ironbark, an Australian hardwood, is as strong and durable as the name suggests.

    The weight of the concrete slab will ensure this piece stays well anchored when exposed to gale force winds.

    With marine grade stainless steel throughout, including 2 steel pipes bracing the ends together, rust will not be a concern. Each part of this design has longevity in mind.

    It is well suited on a deck or in the garden.
    1. Fine aggregate, fibre reinforced concrete
    2. Recycled Ironbark
    3. Stainless Steel 316 Coachbolts

    Concrete Bench Seat - Length 1450mm x Width 373mm x Depth 75mm

    Timber Ends - Height 550mm x Length 520mm x Width 80mm

    Stainless Steel Bar - 1170mm (the seating space between each timber end)

    Please note:
    We aim to be as close as possible with the measurements of the timber but a slight variation of up to 4mm in length of the timber ends may exist.

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